Massages in Esslingen

Wellness Treatments at the Neo Hotel Linde Esslingen

Let yourself go. With soft relaxing music. Enjoy for as long as you like. Whether you want a classic massage or to experience the healing art of Ayurveda. No matter what strains you have been putting on your body, we will find the right massage for you.

Back massage
Full body massage
Foot masssage
Well-being massage
Shoulder & Neck massage

Back massage (approx. 30 mins) | € 45,-

A massage of the entire back, the arms and hands. With varying levels of pressure, from gentle to strong. After this massage you will feel lighter, more comfortable and stronger. Local aches are relieved. Tensions and blockages caused by stress are released.


Full body massage (approx. 60 mins) | € 75,-

Gentle and powerful dynamic massage techniques, alongside quiet energising touches, bring the flow of energy to a balance, whilst connecting the body and soul and allowing the mind to rest. It has positive effects on pain and tensions. It relieves stress. Particularly suitable for all those who give a lot in their daily work and family life.


Foot massage (approx. 30 mins) | € 35,-

This massage gives you grounding. You will feel the ground under your feet again. Warm oil is used to massage the feet, lower legs and knees. All organs of the body are stimulated for a long time via the foot reflex zones. It has a calming and relieving effect on headaches, sleep disorders, and anxiety.


Well-Being Massage (approx. 45 mins) | € 55,-

A combination of foot and back massage. Pressure is applied in all the right places. The relaxation effects work their way through the entire body.


Shoulder & Neck Massage (approx. 30 mins) | € 39,-

Your shoulder, neck and throat muscles are loosened and stretched with targeted pressure. Tensions are relieved. You will once again feel lighter and more relieved in the shoulder and neck area.


Samvahana (approx. 75 mins) | € 89,-

Ayurvedic full body massage with warm oil

With its delicacy and sensitivity, it brings about deep renewal and rejuvenation. On physical, spiritual and mental levels. By massaging the oil into the skin, the deeper layers of tissue are reached. The treatment is considered to be extremely relaxing. It is not only massaged with skill, but also particularly with a gentle and loving touch…. It helps with insomnia, unrest and anxiety. The body is gently detoxified. The immune system is strengthened. In addition, the oil nourishes the skin to its highest degree.


Garshan (ca. 45 mins) | € 54,-

Ayurvedic full body massage with silk gloves

The silk gloves have a light pleasant peeling effect. The skin is smoothed, dead skin exfoliated and the tissue is tightened. This type of massage also activates lymph flow whilst stimulating blood circulation and metabolism, as well as reducing fat tissue. This method promotes a naturally supported weight loss. You can combine it with a subsequent oil massage.


Upanahasveda (approx. 45 mins) | € 59,-

Ayurvedic back massage

The Ayurvedic back massage is a powerful massage. The muscles are loosened from the hips to the crown of your head. Blockages are released. Various warm Ayurvedic or sesame oils are used. It promises relief from tension, or helps with sciatic issues. It is particularly relaxing in times of stress. Reward. Revitalise. It purifies and detoxifies the body and stimulates its self-healing powers. By releasing blockages, you feel freer and more mobile again. Afterwards a heat pad is applied to give a pleasing finale rounding off the massage.


Padabhyanga (aprox. 30 mins) | € 49,-

Ayurvedic Foot & Leg Massage

The body receives impulses at the point where it needs them most. The feet and lower legs are treated with high-quality Ayurvedic oils. Stroking massage movements are applied. Rolling. Circling. Wringing. Every organ is reached. Weaknesses are strengthened and cared for. Padabhyanga balances the body and soul. It gives relaxation whilst simultaneously providing a new life energy.


Mukabhyanga (approx. 45 mins) | € 59,-

Ayurvedic head, face and décolleté massage

The face is gently stimulated with a special oil. As well as the head, throat and neck. Stimulation of the marma points (energy points) located on the face and head has a harmonising and healing effect. It also cleanses and revitalises the skin. It stimulates blood circulation. Dirt is removed. Small wrinkles are simply caressed away. The result is a radiant complexion. The skin looks fresh and young again.


More about the spa area


Dumbbells. Multipress. Crosstrainer. You will find all this and much more in our fitness room, which is designed to let you work out even during your trip. Improve your physical well-being. Stay fit.



Soothing heat. Strengthen the immune system. Escape the stress of everyday life. On rainy days, you will be greeted by soothing heat as you enter the cabin. Temperatures up to 80° C. While your heart beats faster and you sweat, you also strengthen your immune system.


Things to Know

In preparation for your pre-booked treatment, please be at the Neo Spa 10 minutes before. We recommend visiting the sauna or our infrared cabin after your massage.

You can cancel your treatment up to 24 hours in advance free of charge. If you cancel later, the treatment will be charged at 100%.

Ayurveda Weekend

Dive into another world. Gain new body awareness. After our Ayurveda back & full body massage you will feel like you’ve been born again.


  • 2 night stays
  • 2 x breakfast buffet
  • Early Check-In from 12 pm
  • Late Check-Out until 15 pm
  • Upanashasveda back massage (approx.. 45 mins.)
  • Samvahana full body massage (approx.. 75 mins.)
  • One vital snack & smoothie p.P.
  • se of the wellness & fitness area with swimming pool, sauna and infrared sauna
  • Free parking in the hotel garage (subject to availability)

from € 289,- p.p. in a double room
from € 339,- p.p. in a single room

Wellness Weekend

Really relax for once. Escape the everyday. One weekend can work wonders. A back & full body massage complete the offer.


  • 2 night stay (Friday until Sunday)
  • 2 x breakfast buffet
  • Early Check-In from 12 pm
  • Late Check-Out unttil 15 pm
  • Wellness basket with bathrobe and towel
  • One glass of sparkling Esslinger Prosecco per person as a welcome drink
  • Back massage (approx. 30 Min.)
  • full body massage (approx.. 60 Min.)
  • Use of the wellness area
  • Free parking in the hotel garage (subject to availability)

from € 244,- p.p. in a double room
from € 298,- p.p. in a single room