Prices at the Neo Hotel Linde Esslingen

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Included services

Made with love. Gifted with happiness.

  • Wi-Fi
  • 52 parking spaces in the underground car park
  • Non-allergenic pillow & mattress covers
  • Luis Trenker soap & shower gel
  • A welcoming smile
  • Always ready to go the extra mile

Meeting rooms at the Neo Hotel Linde Esslingen

Enthusiasm. Motivation. Satisfaction. So many ways to express your emotions. And even more opportunities to bring people together. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure. There is one thing you can rely on: We use all emotions to make your event a success.

Prices for Children

Your children will feel completely at home with us. We do not have any areas specifically geared towards children.

  • Babys (0 – 3 years) in cot: € 10,- per baby & night
  • Kinder (4 – 12 years) in extra bed: € 20,- per child & night
  • Kinder (13-17 years) in extra bed: € 30,- per child & night


Even your furry friend will be pampered by us. We offer a variety of amenities for your stay with your dog.

Dog: € 15,- per dog & night
Dog wellness basket: included with direct booking
Dog walking service: from € 20,- (30 mins.)
Dog sitting: from € 60,- (45 mins.)
Dog trainer: from € 60,- (45 mins.)
Dog salon: from € 30,-
Dog photoshoot: from € 70,- (3 photos)

All infor ation about the DOG HOTEL

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast – The most important meal of the day. At the Neo Hotel Esslingen, you can start your day with a rich breakfast buffet with a perfect hot drink. Our selection ranges from regional specialities to a selection of bread and rolls, fresh fruit, hearty muesli and different varieties of sausages and cheese. Our breakfast is also very vegetarian friendly.